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Stanton ST.150 M2

Super High Torque Turntables

In creating the ST.150 M2/STR8.150 M2 turntables, Stanton went back to basics while re-engineering these turntables from the ground up. With everything professional DJs need—and nothing they don’t—the ST.150 M2 (standard S-shaped tonearm) and STR8.150 M2 (“skip-proof” straight tone arm) are built to the highest possible standards. Both models feedback-resistant, durable construction with industryleading torque motors—up to 4.5 Kgf-cm, complemented by an ultra-stable platter and tone arm. With additional features including reverse and up to 50% pitch adjustment, the ST.150 M2 and STR8.150 M2 turntables combine 21st century innovation with Stanton’s 70-year legacy of excellence.

  • Direct drive turntable featuring motor torque up to 4.5kg
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction, with very low resonance base
  • 22.5 lbs/ 10.2 kg
  • S-Curved tone arm with height fine adjust and anti-skate (ST.150 M2)
  • Straight tone arm with height fine adjust (STR8.150 M2)
  • Ultra stable, damped platter
  • Adjustable brake speed
  • Selectable pitch control [8, 25 & 50% range] with Quartz Lock
  • Speed 33, 45 and 78 including Reverse
  • Removable target light and adjustable shock-absorption feet
  • Selectable Phono or Line RCA Outputs
  • Slip mat, 45 adapter, and right-angled cable included
  • Cartridge not included
  • Full version of Deckadance DVS Software included

Stanton ST.150 M2 Tech Specifications

  • Starting Torque More than
  • Motor Direct Drive/16pole, 3phase, brushless DC motor
  • Turntable Platter 332 mm diameter Aluminum die-cast
  • Pitch Controls +/-8%, +/-25%, +/-50%
  • Wow & Flutter Less than 0.1% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 1/3rpm
  • Braking System Electronic brake
  • S/N Ratio More than 60dB (DIN-B)
  • Channel Separation More than 15 dB
  • Tone Arm Section Measurement
  • Tone arm type Static balanced tone arm with Cardan's suspension and detachable headshell
  • Effective Arm Length 194mm
  • Tracking Force Range 0-3g
  • Applicable Cartridge Weight 13-18g
  • Channel Balance Within 2.5dB at 1 KHz
  • Needle Pressure range 2-5g
  • Dimensions: 450(W) x 353 (D) x 146 (H)mm
  • Weight: 10.5Kgs
Stanton ST.150 M2 Support

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Stanton ST.150 Reviews AWARDS Best DJ Turntable Best DJ Turntable Why it's best: While some might expect to see Technics atop this list no matter what competition there might be, the Stanton ST-150 is such a powerful deck and packed with such great features for the professional DJ, it's achieved the rare feat of outshining the venerated Technics' flagship product. The start/brake speed, a key functionality for DJs, can be set to be lightning fast or slower to taste. This torque power is significant, as it's three times that of the Technics and represents the ability to truly start and stop your LPs on a dime. In addition, a reverse function is included, as well as a S/PDIF digital output for connection to audio interfaces and therefore DAW applications. Selectable pitch control and a height-adjustable tone arm are very useful, and the add-ons of a slipmat and cables is the icing on the cake. In addition to these great features, this deck wins mostly because it's super stable, both in platter design, construction, and the quartz lock it utilizes to keep the music steady even in challenging environments. Although it's pricey and doesn't include USB connectivity, the ST-150 is still the best DJ turntable to be had overall.


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DJ Miss Match

DJ Miss Match for StantonMy initial thought when my turntables arrived was how blimmin' heavy they were to carry up the stairs to my house, definately the heaviest peices of Stanton Equipment I have own, but this weight translates to make them the most sturdy turntables I have ever owned too. They have been described as the 'no-nonsense' turntables and I especially see this in the fact that there is no fiddly, messy ground wire to attach, there are no confusing buttons & FX you don't need - it's just a heck of a reliable and solid machine.

I have been learning to scratch in the past few months and the ST-150's have been brilliant to learn on. I am still far from being a 'pro-scratcher' by any means, but the fact that there is a start-stop button on the bottom left corner when you rotate the turntable sideways is really handy as this is the way I am being taught. I love the fact that Stanton has thought of these little extra things on their professional DJ product range - they have the equipment technology covered so that we, the DJ are then just left to our creative drive, flair & individual interpretation to make the magic we do...

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