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Stanton DJ PRO 3000

The new DJ PRO 3000 is the newest addition to the Stanton line of high quality headphones. With the same great features of previous Stanton headphones and a few new additions, this headphone is definitely in a class of its own. With swivel and folding capabilities, the DJ PRO 3000 also includes high pass and low pass filter, detachable cord, and cool blue LEDs. With this array of features, a sexy new look, and an affordable price, the DJ PRO 3000 is the headphone to have for the new millennium.

  • Spring loaded rotating ear-cup allows for flexible positioning and single sided or shoulder rest wearing styles
  • Detachable coiled cord (3m) for safe storage and easy replacement
  • 90° (elbow) 1/4" connector
  • Wide frequency response for outstanding sound reproduction
  • Closed ear-cup design for sound isolation
  • 50mm Neodymium drivers for clear low end reproduction and superior power handling
  • Convenient folding design for ease of storage and transportation
  • Mini-jack adapter included.
  • Passive High Pass and Low Pass Filters
  • Blue LEDs blink to the beat of the music
  • Free carrying pouch included

Stanton DJ PRO 3000 USB Tech Specifications

  • Type: Dynamic, Closed
  • Driver Size: 50mm
  • Magnet type: Neodymium
  • Plug type: Gold
  • Frequency Response: Normal 20-20kHz
  • Low Pass: 20-2kHz
  • High Pass: 3kHz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 30 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
  • Power: 300mW
  • Cord length: 9.8 ft.
  • Weight: 15.1 oz
Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Reviews
DJ Skinny

DJ Skinny for Stanton DJ Pro 3000"Stanton's DJ 3000 headphones light up my booth every time I play. I love the attention the lights bring because it adds to the energy and vibe of the songs that I'm playing. Of course it doesn't hurt that these are great sounding headphones. "

DJ Miss Match

DJ Miss Match for Stanton DJ Pro 3000Even before I was a DJ, just being in clubs and at festivals I was always concerned about my hearing - I have very sensitive ears ie. everything sounds 10 times louder than it actually is, which is rather surprising considering how much a blast them these days at my gigs - but since I started using the Stanton 3000 headphones I am absolutely stoked that they give the option of high and low pass filters - for me this means I can just flick the switch on the base & not only choose a more natural sound, but one that ultimately helps to reduce the stress & fatigue on my ears.

Another great thing about these headphones are when I am at mobile gigs which annoyingly often don't have a monitor in the booth, is that I can actually cue all my tracks via these headphones.

DJ Anneli

DJ Anneli for Stanton Dj Proo 3000 HeadphonesI must say that I'm extremely picky about my headphones and the DJ Pro 3000s fit perfect. I used a competitor’s headphones for 8 years before I got the Stanton 3000. They have the perfect balance between all the frequencies low to high. The fit is great because they are tight on the ears, so I don't need to push the level to be able to hear properly. But the comfort is perfect, I mix with split-cue on the mixer which means I keep the headphones on both ears during the whole set! Sometimes up to 6 hrs straight and there is no problem with the 3000!! It's also very nice that it's possible to push the level up without distortion to the sound, I don't use this a lot but sometimes it's needed. I like that they stay in place even though you move around etc, and the cord is a must for dj-headphones! The blue led light is a cool feature, especially since it's one of a kind. It has become my trademark on stage, and people come up to and ask what kind of headphones I have because of this!!

DJ Smiley/Dave Leal

DJ SmileyWith its options (Stanton DJ Pro 3000)to switch from treble to bass and normal you will hear every beat clear and its battery powered led light blinks so your fans will know you ain't missing a beat.