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Imfromthafutur StantonInspired by the likes of Eric B and Jam Master Jay, Imfromthafutur quietly nursed dreams of djiing throughout his youth. Hailing from a rural area of the south, he had never seen a record store until he was grown. Finding himself in southern California in the early nineties, just as the rave culture there was blooming, he was often face with people manning the decks and living the life he had always dreamt of. Around 1993 he allowed himself the indulgence of buying two turntables and a mixer. This being before the internet age of how-to videos, he learned the art of djing and scratching by emulating, often quite poorly, the sounds he heard on records. For ten years he struggled to develop his own style and proficiency in scratching. Through good times and bad(more bad than good), where the turntables often found their way to the pawn shop as a means to pay the rent, he always kept faith that some day he would be a true master and hopefully a battle champion. Often having to travel as a millwright, he was far from the turntables dustily awaiting his return at home. It wasn’t until quite recently, with the addition of his signature piece of gear, the Stanton SCS3D, and it’s ability go mobile and be with him at all times, no matter where he was, that Imfromthafutur was finally able to devote all of his free time to djing.

He even credits his lack of experience to contributing to his success and uncanny ability to pull off big scratch moves and tricks with the SCS3D. “This is my favorite part of my crazy dj story. For years, I had equipment sitting in a room getting very little use, and me getting very little practice. Once I got the Dascratch, I was taking it everywhere. And since I had basically missed the boat on all of the newest techniques and scratches, I didn’t have any hang-ups about touch cross-fading. Since I had never became very good at scratching with a turntable, I didn’t feel like I was back-pedalling by endlessly transforming on the 3d. I was just so happy to be scratching that I didn’t care if it was simple. The amazing aspect of all of this is that my practice with the SCS 3D has made me a decent scratcher on all types of equipment, be it my Stanton T-80, or the new love in my life the SCS 1 series. I hope that more people begin to see the SCS 3 as not only a tremendous set of midi controllers for the experienced DJ, but a great place to start to the aspiring scratcher.

“I’m definitely the exception here in the artist section. I’ve never played any big festivals. I haven’t played much in clubs, mostly house/private parties. I’ve never scratched on any records other than my own. (I’ve had an extremely modest career as amateur rapper.) Basically, I’m the opposite of all the other artists. I hope that’s motivating to all the young folks out there trying to get started and learn to dj. I hope they see that when you find the right equipment for your style and stage of development, that big things can happen for you as an artist. That’s what happened for me. The SCS3D was right controller for me. We were both unknown and innovative, futuristic(yes, I had that name before I had ever heard of a dascratch) yet classic, simple yet infinitely progressive.”

Imfromthafutur is currently looking for the right rapper, hip-hop group, or rock/rap band with which to add his considerable dj talents and musicality into the mix.

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