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  • SCS.4DJ
Stanton SCS.4DJ Reviews

“This is a quality product that should suit those DJs who want to dispense with the laptop and simplify their rigs.”

“The Stanton SCS.4DJ is easy to use and, because of that, it would make a good choice for someone who wants to get started as a DJ with a very simple device that allows them all the power that they'll need. Professional DJs will likely appreciate no longer having to haul their laptop-and all of the potentially sensitive personal information on it-from club to club.”

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“The Stanton SCS.4DJ takes digital DJing a step beyond the laptop. With the ability to play tracks directly from a hard drive, USB flash drive, or even your Android or iPhone, it removes the laptop completely from the picture. With its built in software, it performs all the same duties as a laptop but without the extra hardware.”

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“Learning how to DJ is quite daunting - the gear can be expensive and complicated, not to mention wickedly heavy. Stanton's SCS.4DJ changes all that.”

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“This is a feature heavy unit that is set to take the DJ market by storm!”

“This is a huge step forward in the controllerism market as people continue to look for ways to scale down and miniaturize their performance set up with more convenient plug and play options.”

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“The software works like a treat — anyone who has used the likes of Traktor or Serato will be familiar with how it works. It's the same basic principle: the only difference is that it's all done in the SCS 4DJ, and not on an external laptop. Loops can be set up, FX can be added onto tracks, waveforms and track information can be viewed, and beat grid and syncing is all available.”

“It has a high-quality screen, big enough to display colour parallel waveforms, and lots of library information. Add AutoPlay and you have an all-in-one DJ solution that doesn't need a laptop. It's a refined system with the quality of build and controls to appeal to professionals.”

“Stanton's SCS.4DJ looks like it is going to be a popular piece of kit with Pro's and amateur DJs alike. Its ease of use and the relatively inexpensive price point is going to really shake up the mid market Digital DJing controller range. The SCS.4DJ runs its own Digital DJing Software with all of the features that would be expected on high end DJing software and will read digital audio files directly off any storage device.”

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“The thoughtful file browsing and playlist system, the ability to work flawlessly with consumer media, and the wonderful waveforms, combined with convincing scratch performance and great sound quality, means that it is going to blow you away, especially at this price point. You'll probably wonder why anyone ever DJ'd with a computer at all. The waveforms are excellent, better than some computer DJ software. They're colour and have clear beatgrid markers to help with sync, loops and so on. This is one of the major innovations that this unit offers, and why for DJs used to laptop DJing, it will feel great to use right from the off.”

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“As a unit for house parties or mobile jocks, the auto DJ function and ability to carry so much music in a light, ready to go package is extremely appealing at this price.”

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“No more laptop? I like that. Never been a fan of a computer in my audio. It is refreshing to walk up to a piece of gear and know that it's just going to work without even the slightest worry about MIDI configs and audio interface issues. Press the record button and SCS.4DJ will record a performance to any mass storage device, which can be shared between friends or used to produce a CD for distribution. I'm really impressed with the functionality, the performance and the creative options.”

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“Stanton's SCS.4DJ looks like it is going to be a popular piece of kit with Pro's and amateur DJs alike. Its ease of use and the relatively inexpensive price point is going to really shake up the mid market Digital DJing controller range. The SCS.4DJ runs its own Digital DJing Software with all of the features that would be expected on high end DJing software and will read digital audio files directly off any storage device.”

DJ Tech Tools

“It's almost an injustice to simply call the SCS.4D a controller, as it houses its own operating system meaning that in addition to being a controller it also works in standalone.”

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“The SCS.4DJ from Stanton is a step closer to what I would believe to be a natural step in the DJ controller revolution. The SCS.4DJ is a controller in its true form, but it also has built-in software that makes it able to simply stand alone without any computer. You just need a source with music. This is a very good buy if you're simply looking to get a standalone DJ unit for playing digital media. No more computer issues. Just plug and play.”

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Stanton SYSTEM 1 Reviews

DJ Booth"Designed from the ground up for high-precision software control, the SCS.1d Deck is a dream-come-true for laptop DJs. Using its trigger pads in conjunction with the platter provides wild creative possibilities never before possible. While simple in operation, the expressive possibilities are almost endless."

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DJ Awards Logo"The SCS.1 System is without a doubt the single most advanced controller when it comes to transcending the essence of traditional vinyl spinning into a multidimensional control station that leaves all options open yet maintains the core approach of turntablism. A unique piece of technological treasure."

  • Best Pro DJ Controller Hi-End
  • Stanton SCS.1D/1M
  • Ibiza DJ Awards – 2010
Digital DJ Tips

"You can "perform" on this in a way you can't on smaller digital DJ gear. It's the first full-sized four-deck digital DJ setup that simply feels like using real records. Digital DJs wanting the best of both worlds – solid vinyl performance and feel but a complete plethora of Midi buttons, knobs and pads, will thus find much to like here."

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DJ Killahurtz"The SC System is compact and lightweight enough for travel and has the best of both CDJ's and Vinyl Turntables. The ability to run 4 decks virtually with full control and full control of Traktor are what interested me. Now the product is everything I thought it was and more! I'm utilizing just about all of the controllable components in Traktor: looper, effects, tap tempo, manual beat matching, syncing and browser. The platter edge is fantastically sensitive to touch and feels just like you're playing vinyl or on a timecode system! It is the ultimate DJ format, every club should have it"

DJ Synergy

"This upgrade is a killer! The scratching precision is great and the performance is outstanding. The 1d's feel just like my T1200s with all the added digital advantages that I envisioned. With this upgrade the SCS.1 system is by far the best controller system available. I chose it because of the turntable feel (I love the size of the platter) as well as the incredible command and control of digital DJing including looping, effects assigning, etc. I want the same dynamics for mixing and scratching as turntables. I also love all the flexibility of the SCS.1 from a digital perspective. Now.... off to my gig where I can stunt this new upgrade!"

DJ Skinny

I learned to DJ on standard CD players and that was my comfort zone. That was until I met the SCS.1. This will illustrate how impressive and intuitive this system is: While gigging, I let world renowned DJ GQ (a guy with 15 years in the biz and an original Vinyl DJ), test the system. His immediate reaction: "Can you get me a set of these?" While I could go on listing the myriads of features the SCS.1 posses – a key thing to remember that differentiates this system from so many others is the ability to upgrade for new features, functionality and connectivity. SC System 1 can be enhanced through firmware upgrades. What does that mean for pros like me? My investment is protected and it is a platform that we don't outgrow.

Stanton SC SYSTEM 3 Reviews

I have to say I absolutely love this system. For me, digital DJing is about pushing the boundaries – of ease of use, of size, of capability, even of what DJing actually is and where it can be done. This little system has something to say about all of these things, and then some.

  • It's small and durable enough to genuinely be packed to take anywhere with you – I think it will go on for years and years with no problems
  • It can be split so you can use the parts that most make sense for what you're trying to do
  • It's a powered USB hub so can work with your other equipment and a simple, small laptop
  • It actually feels easier to use and packs in more features than many full-sized controllers
  • It is the most insanely flexible piece of DJ gear I've yet to test
Read Review Paul T.

DJ Paul TMy connection with Stanton products has been one of practicality and Technology manipulation. In my twice weekly residency and gigs, there are 2 Stanton products that are standard packed in my DJ bag-the Scs3d and Uberstand. They have become a necessity and a standard set-up in my DJ rig. The Scs3d allows me to do multiple triggers of cue points cutting and editing on the fly. With the tactile touch interface I can sweep across loop points creating cool loop rolls. The MIDI mapping is extremely versatile and easy to use with the softwares that I am using. The Uberstand-super sturdy and always reliable to put my laptop at all my gigs. Its a DVS laptop must have. The best thing of all these 2 products look really good in my rig, some even call it my "bling bling"! "

Delin Quent

As a mobile and club DJ, I love the fact that the SC SYSTEM 3 is so small and versatile. My "coffin" for the set is the original packaging, so when I have to DJ anywhere it's already setup to plug n play.

I use the Sync feature of the SCS.3 with Traktor to simplify my mixing experience, as well as leaving more time/space to do more advanced mixing. EQ mixing, looping, etc.

When using the SCS.3 with Serato, I use the loop features on the 3Ds because it is so easy to cue up. I use the loops for exciting/smoother transitions or to amp the crowd.

DJ Manny Munet

After spending a couple of weeks working with the system. controls all the features of Traktor pro with no problems it makes my job easier the jog wheel got the same feel of a turntable, most of the features I use are the effects and cue points I try others controllers on the market and system3 is by far the most advance controller on the market and is the only controller Traktor ready. Some other controllers on the market are a headache and has to be mapped, systen3 makes me a better dj I can create my own remix on the fly get cue points, effects and I can concentrate more on the dance floor than looking at a laptop screen just controlling everything with SC SYSTEM 3 is a piece of cake specially with the type of music I spin (Latin music on witch I depend a lot on looping and different effects to make my mixes great) like dj mag and other publications said system3 the best controller period. With 25 years of experience on nightclubs this is the best piece of equipment I couldn't live without it.

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Stanton Media Player Reviews
DJ Billy Gotti

“The CMP.800 has been nothing but a great addition to my set up! I am mainly a turntablist and have used my STR8.150's since the day I have gotten them but after picking up my CMP.800's I have barely been able to stop using them. They are super compact and easy to move if need be. Also there are so many options and effects and cool little extras unlike some of the other CD players out there. A few of my favorites are the red light that spins on top of the platter just as a turntable spins so it catches your eye and allows you to focus on what you are doing and not having to guess where the CD or MP3 is actually playing. The built in effects (echo, flanger, filter) system is outrageous! Being able to change the sound live right from the actual player is sick and also changing the time and ratio on them is great! Very simple and easy to use! The sample bank is key to being able to shoot off different samples. And finally, being able to LINK both CMP.800's together by a USB cord is unbelievable because all I need is one USB flash drive and then I can link them to get all my music from one stick on both CMP.800's!”

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“A pair of Stanton CMP.800s gives an awful lot of DJing flexibility for less than half the price of one Pioneer CDJ-2000.”

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Stanton Headphone Reviews
Why Fatboy Slim uses the DJ PRO 300

“I've been using Stanton headphones for 15 years. I like them because they are built for a gigging DJ. Rugged and portable, you can throw them in and out of record bags/suitcases without them falling to bits. When you're gigging, headphones have to be loud and work night after night! Stanton headphones are also reasonably priced – which is important because they do get lost… I have a tendency to swing them around my head (like the Who's Roger Daltrey used to do with a microphone) -- and I'm constantly amazed that they still work after that kind of abuse. Great build quality!"

DJ Skinny

DJ Skinny for Stanton DJ Pro 3000"Stanton's DJ 3000 headphones light up my booth every time I play. I love the attention the lights bring because it adds to the energy and vibe of the songs that I'm playing. Of course it doesn't hurt that these are great sounding headphones. "

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