Stanton headphones are light weight and comfortable with accurate wide-frequency sound reproduction. Stanton Headphones feature full deep bass, high efficiency heavy duty drivers, swivel and folding capabilities, great looks, and an affordable price. Stanton Headphones are the choice of top DJs.

Why Fatboy Slim uses the DJ PRO 300

“I've been using Stanton headphones for 15 years. I like them because they are built for a gigging DJ. Rugged and portable, you can throw them in and out of record bags/suitcases without them falling to bits. When you're gigging, headphones have to be loud and work night after night! Stanton headphones are also reasonably priced – which is important because they do get lost… I have a tendency to swing them around my head (like the Who's Roger Daltrey used to do with a microphone) -- and I'm constantly amazed that they still work after that kind of abuse. Great build quality!"