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Stanton STR8.150

Super High Torque Turntables

In creating the ST.150 / STR8.150, Stanton went back to basics and re-engineered everything. These "no nonsense" turntables have everything professional DJs need, and nothing they don't. That's why the ST.150 (standard S shaped tone arm) and STR8.150 ("skip-proof" straight tone arm) are built first, and foremost with quality in mind. Both models offer durable construction designed to minimize feedback, industry-leading torque motor - up to 4.5 Kgf-cm, and an ultra-stable platter and tone arm. And with features like Key Correction, Reverse, up to 50% pitch adjustment, and S/PDIF digital outputs - the ST.150 and STR8.150 are strong contenders for the title of Turntable Supreme.

  • World's Strongest Torque Motor (4.5 Kgf-cm)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Ultra Stable Platter and Tone Arm
  • Includes Stanton SM V.3 Cartridge
  • Start/Brake Speed Adjustment
  • Digital Output [S/PDIF] Plug straight into CD-R or computer sound card
  • Key Correction
  • Selectable Phono or Line Output (Key correction works on line output only)
  • Dual Start/Stop Buttons
  • Height Adjustable Tone Arm
  • Reverse Play
  • 3 speeds [33,45,78]
  • Quartz Lock
  • Selectable pitch control [+/-8%,+/-25%,+/-50%]
  • Motor Off Feature
  • Removable Target Light
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Includes slipmat and "L" shaped cables
  • Includes Stanton cartridge

Stanton STR8.150 Tech Specifications

  • Starting Torque More than
  • Motor Direct Drive/16pole, 3phase, brushless DC motor
  • Turntable Platter 332 mm diameter Aluminum die-cast
  • Pitch Controls +/-8%, +/-25%, +/-50%
  • Wow & Flutter Less than 0.1% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33 1/3rpm
  • Braking System Electronic brake
  • S/N Ratio More than 60dB (DIN-B)
  • Channel Separation More than 15 dB
  • Tone Arm Section Measurement
  • Tone arm type Static balanced straight tone arm with Cardan's suspension and detachable headshell
  • Effective Arm Length 194mm
  • Tracking Force Range 0-3g
  • Applicable Cartridge Weight 13-18g
  • Channel Balance Within 2.5dB at 1 KHz
  • Needle Pressure range 2-5g
Stanton STR8.150 Reviews

DJ Awards Logo“When handling the STR8-150 you can't help feeling like you are commanding a tank with all its high-tech military precision. The STR8-150 can probably be considered the single most stable turntable you will ever lay your hands on. The specifications of this dream-deck reads like a euphoric wish-list from a DJ. One has to pause for a moment and realize just how far the technology of the vinyl turntable has evolved over the last few decades.”

DJ Lord / Public Enemy

DJ Lord StantonThe STR8.150's are rock solid!...When I practice on 'em it feels like 2 tank wheels rollin'...Get out the way!


DJ Big WizI love the Stanton STR8-150 Turntables. I use them at home in my studio and when ever I bring my own gear out to a gig or on tour. They're very solid and have a strong motor and plenty of features. I love that there are Start/Stop buttons on 2 different sides of the platter and being able to adjust the pitch range, the break speed and having a reverse feature are great for me. I also like the fact that the cables are not attached to the unit so I can use any cables I desire and they are easily replaceable and no need to worry about having to ground them. Sometimes it's hard to get to the ground posts on some mixers in the dark when you are in a hurry to set up. I also sometimes mix a regular version of a beat with a backwards version of the same beat and having a reverse feature keeps me from having to make an edit of every beat so I have both a backwards and regular version. Turntables and a mixer are the backbone of a DJ and need to work every time you turn them on... the Stanton STR8-150's have never let me down. Finally we have something as solid and reliable as a Technics 1200 with more and better features.

Dj Ready Red

DJ Lord Stanton"The Stanton STR8.150s are rugged, beautiful and reliable, always there when I need the performance to be right on the money. Simply the best wheel of steel I ever played on."

Dj Miss Kriss

DJ Lord Stanton"My STR8.150's are the real deal! Reliable, accurate and the sound quality is substantially better than my old decks. I have noticed a significant difference in how quickly I am able to beat match and do it with greater accuracy. My new Stanton 150's are my new loves!!"

Scratch Academy / Los Angeles

“Flat out, the STR8-150 turntable surprised me. Coming from someone that came up worshipping my 1200s, the STR8.150 took all of the great things from that classic turntable, but added more capabilities and features that pro DJ’s need. I’ve added the STR8-150s to my tech rider as they are my turntable of choice. Why make the switch to Stanton: a straight tonearm that sticks better, increased torque, dual start and stop buttons and the ability to change the way it starts up and brakes, brilliant! Features are meaningless without dependability -- mine have never let me down. But the true torture test is the massive amount of use and abuse they endure in our DJ school. We've got 30 of them and they keep rolling along every day. The STR8.150 is destined to become the new industry standard for the pro-grade turntable.”

Hapa Executive Director Scratch Academy / Los Angeles

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