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DJ Top Cat
DJ Top CatStanton Featured Artist

Miami-based disc jockey, DJ Top Cat is known for his unique Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, House, Dubstep and R&B Music vibe, often mixing in a combination of melodic elements blended with funky grooves. With over twenty years in the entertainment industry, working with some of the biggest names in the business, Top Cat's spinning style is recognized by DJs, clubbers and celebrities worldwide.DJ Top Cat

Born in New York City in 1970 and raised by parents working in the music industry, DJ Top Cat began his career modeling as a child for Pierre Cardin Kids and built a strong profile before moving to Milan, Italy where he enrolled in the American School & International School of Milan. After graduating and learning fluent Italian, his career as a DJ/performer took off in some of the best clubs in Milan, including Amnesia, Plastic, (Old Fashion), Tropico, Mediterraneo, Bataclan, A.T.M. and La Pergola. He also began working with local radio stations where he hosted shows for Radio Rama and Power Radio and began spinning at fashion shows for Combipel, Dolce E Gabbana and Mecca. In addition, Top Cat performed at concerts in Italy and throughout Europe for big-name artists, including the Rolling Stones, Third World, Afrika Bambaataa, Bomb The Bass, Branford Marsalis, Sting, Gloria Gaynor, Phase 2, A-1, James King, Jurmaine Dupri, Da Brat, Alpha Blondi,Gregory Issacs,Grandmaster Flash, Dj Jazzy Jeff and Busta Rhymes.

After a successful start to his career, Top Cat picked up his needles, ended his European tour and moved back to the United States because he realized that South Beach was the place to be. In the beginning he started to spin in smaller clubs such as Jazid, Zanzibar, Readybar, Exibit (BED), Zen(Krave), Beehive, and Café Tabac, but soon, the bigger clubs started requesting his unique sound. Today, Top Cat is a brand name in the industry and among partygoers, not only in Miami, but across the globe. Now you can find him at The Livingroom where he started the popular backroom parties and at Crobar Miami, (FAB) Opium Garden, Mansion (Level) and The Victor Hotel.

Top Cat has been a Stanton equipment enthusiast since the beginning, relying on mixer M.505, turntable T.120C, headphones DJ PRO 3000, needles Skratchmaster.V3, DJ Laptop Bag Jetsetter, computer stand Uberstand and Midi Controls : The SCS.3D & The SCS.3M. Of his experience with Stanton, Top Cat says, "Wherever I go Stanton is right there with me."

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