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Simon Iddol
Simon IddolStanton Featured Artist

Hungarian born DJ / Producer Simon Iddol has over 15 years of music experience producing TV and radio shows, playing in bands and DJ’ing under various names. It wasn’t until 2006 when the founder of unveiled the “Simon Iddol” personae.

Simon Iddol became infamous for his internet mashups, and is recognized as one of the most influential DJ/remixers in mashup culture. After 3 years of performing behind the visage of a hand drawn cartoon angel, Iddol took off the mask and began performing live in 2008. He recalls his performance at the Internet Hungary Conference in 2008 saying, “it was the biggest milestone for me, the point where my internet fame became real life experience”. Simon Iddol Stanton SCS3d

Beyond his work as a DJ / producer / remixer, Simon Iddol regularly gives presentations and workshops about mashup and remix culture. He is also considered one of the most influential music bloggers in Eastern-Europe.

When it comes to gear, Iddol relies on the Stanton SCS.3m and their Uberstand. He touts the SCS.3m as, “a brilliant little unit. IT is about the size of a DVD case and fits into my gigbag easily, but gives me full control on 4 tracks and all the effects I need in my Ableton setup. Plus, it looks totally amazing with all the touch sensitive faders and control lights.”

For keeping his DJ booth clean and accessible, Iddol relies on the Stanton Uberstand. “The Uberstand is a must have tool for any laptop DJ or laptop musician. If you’ve ever seen a DJ booth from the inside, you know why.”

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