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Miss Match
Miss MatchStanton Featured Artist

Miss Match is the hottest female talent to come out of Australia this decade. In a male dominated industry she has defied the odds of being pushed off the decks by the boys, and can hold her own with talent and insurmountable flair. Miss Match holds residencies in Sydney at Favela, Shipwrecked, The Lincoln, Star City, The Penguin Cruises, Hi Flyers Cruises, The Bank Hotel and most recently on “The Footy Show”. She also recently secured a residency at The Coolangatta Sands Hotel on the Gold Coast.

Miss Match’s Australian interstate demand has led her to the King St Hotel, CBD & Fanny’s in Newcastle, Billboard The Venue in Melbourne, The Met in Brisbane, The Rolling Rock in Noosa, 240v in Mooloolahbah, Grafton, Canberra, Coolangatta & Gosford. Dominating five genres of house including, Jackin House, Vocal House, Electro House, Tech House, and Fidget, Miss Match is truly versatile. After three years on the circuit, Miss Match is becoming an international act performing in the Greek Islands, London, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and South Africa. She is also becoming increasingly known for her productions including “Tarantism”.

When she’s on the road, Miss Match relies on her gear to achieve her unique sound. She explains her transition to Stanton equipment saying, “"I have been using Stanton DJ equipment for the past 2 years now. I was converted during a hands-on workshop in Sydney. I saw an opportunity to differentiate my own performances using Stanton products because of their unique capabilities and features. Never wanting to be a ‘me too’ DJ, the quality of mixing, techniques & the overall sound has taken me to a new level on my own personal DJ journey."

Miss Match raves about the Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Heaphones, and their hi/lo pass options, as they “reduce the stress and fatigue on [her] ears”. She also utilizes ST-150 Turntables, which she describes as, “no nonsense turntables”. She continues, “I especially see this in the fact that there is no fiddly, messy ground wire to attach, there are no confusing buttons and FX you don't need. It's just a heck of a reliable and solid machine”.

Miss Match also uses the Stanton C.324 CDs and a Stanton RM.406 Mixer. Of the RM.406 she says, “Once I included the RM.406 Mixer in my setup at home I noticed straight away the dramatic increase in the quality of sound pumping out of my room… the neighbors did too! The feel and control of the sliders make mixing a pleasure; the backlit cue buttons help me when I am mixing in a dark club in the wee hours of the morning. I also LOVE the fact that I can hook my iPod up to it!”

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