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The DJ Academy

Founded in 2011, The DJ Academy helps aspiring DJs in the New Jersey tri-state area to hone their craft, equipping them with the skills they need for success in the field. Based in the Sound Waves studios, the Academy has already become one of the go-to DJ and production schools in the region. It offers courses in all elements of being a DJ, from mixing and scratching to music production. The faculty, including many of the top DJs in the area, represents a variety of styles and techniques.

When planning The DJ Academy, founder Anthony Yepez knew that technology would be a major component of its curriculum and that Stanton would play a role in it. "Before we opened the school, we did a survey of DJs that we know, asking them what equipment they use. They mentioned a lot of Stanton equipment," he says. "On top of that, we were looking for something similar to Technics' turntables [no longer manufactured], with that authentic vinyl feel. Stanton’s STR8.150s were exactly what we were looking for in a turntable. They are heavy duty, the start-to-stop is very punctual and also gives you a lot of control over the speed and pitch levels."

Stanton's STR8.150s, along with the M.207 mixers and Pro 3000 headphones, round out the school's equipment offerings, giving students access to the latest gear. This setup, used for The DJ Academy’s scratching classes, is holding up perfectly to the use and abuse by its students. "The durability of the STR8.150 and M.207 has been great," Yepez continues. "The STR8.150 has a very heavy yet accurate feel. The buttons on the product are well placed and it seems to be maintenance free."

The DJ Academy also employs Stanton’s SCS.4DJ in classes geared toward DJs working in the mobile and digital realms. "The SCS.4DJ is very portable," says Yepez. "The fact that you can set it up anywhere is great for mobile DJs. You can plug anything that has your music on it into the SCS.4DJ, instead of having to lug around heavy cases, two turntables and mixers. I think as a control or digital DJ piece, it's a great product to have. The looping aspects are very easy and you can use the controllers on top to increase or decrease how much you use the effects program, so it's very simple to use. The SCS.4DJ is self explanatory and didn’t take us too long to get accustomed to it."

With the school placing a strong emphasis on its ties with the music and DJ industries, it's the relationship that The DJ Academy has with Stanton that resonates most to Yepez. "Stanton has been really easy to work with and very supportive of us being a DJ school trying to teach up-and-comers and keeping the interest in DJing alive in this crazy digital age."

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