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DJ KillahurtZ Stanton Featured Artist

Multi-instrumentalist Killahurtz (James Allman) started his music career as a drummer, sound synthesist, and guitarist earning a university degree in popular music and production. In college, Allman discovered EDM, and in particular DubStep in its embryonic years, which is now the primary genre in which he produces.Killahurtz

This year, Allman wrote and released his first DubStep album "Root". It has gained respect from the Dub-Reggae scene on Juno. The album’s title track gained Allman online notoriety prior to its official release.

One of Allman’s primary tools, largely because it combines durability and mobility, is the Stanton SC System 1. He says, “The SC System 1 was a no brainer. It’s compact, lightweight for train travel and has the best of both CD decks and Vinyl turntables plus more. The lack of a needle (and skipping that is caused by the wear on the time code vinyl), ability to run 4 decks virtually with full control, and the full control of Traktor make this the ideal system.”

He continues, “The product is everything I thought it was before I purchased it plus more! I make use of just about all the controllable components in Traktor: looper, effects, tap tempo, manual beat matching, syncing and browser. The SC System 1 gets me away from the track pad and even the screen because there is no drift on the vinyl platter anymore. I've re-assigned it to suit my needs with such ease and simplicity. It’s the ultimate DJ format and every club should have it.”

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