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DJ Big Wiz
Big WizStanton Featured Artist

DJ BIG WIZ started DJing in late ‘83. Since that time, he’s worked as a DJ in various capacities including community and college radio shows as well as at one of the biggest commercial radio stations in the US. Big Wiz was also down with two of the original 3 groups on the Rap-A-Lot Records (home of the Ghetto Boys) in the mid to late 80's.

WIZ has spun at clubs around the world and has DJ'd for various musical acts. Moving from Houston to New York in 1996, WIZ quickly made his name known in the battles scene during the golden age of DJ battles with his crew the SteelWorkerz and he has appeared in several DJ/Turntabelist videos. As the in-house DJ for the independent hip hop label “Def Jux”, he’s mixed for EL-P, Cage, Mr. Lif and everyone else on the label. He is currently DJing for Aesop Rock and just finished touring this past year in the US and abroad. Making appearances on MTV, Fuel TV and rocking festivals such as Coachella, Sound Set, Treasure Island Music Festival and more, WIZ has earned his moniker, proving to be a true wizard on the tables.

His tables of choice: the Stanton STR8-150’s. “I love the Stanton STR8-150 Turntables. I use them at home in my studio and when ever I bring my own gear out to a gig or on tour. They're very solid and have a strong motor and plenty of features. I love that there are Start/Stop buttons on 2 different sides of the platter”. He continues, “being able to adjust the pitch range to +/- 50%, the break speed and having a reverse feature are great for me.”

With as much time in the game as Wiz, he knows that “Turntables and a mixer are the backbone of a DJ setup, and they need to work every time you turn them on.” He praises the Stanton STR8-150's saying, “they have never let me down” and “Finally we have something as solid and reliable as the other manufacturer’s tables we’ve used in the past – but now with more and better features.”

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