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DeeJay Artie B.
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DeeJay Artie B.

Coming up as a DJ in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and working with such artists as Ice-T, MC Trouble, Tupac Shakur, En Vogue, Shaggy and Christina Aguilera, DeeJay Artie B. has seen his share of changes when it comes to music trends, popular artists or DJ equipment. Most recently, scratching vinyl with needles has given way to digital DJing. Throughout this transition, Artie B. has remained a loyal fan of Stanton DJ equipment.

"I loved all of the Stanton needles," he says. "I used to always get the 500s back in the day; they were always the best needles for guys like me who scratch and mix. Even dating back almost 30 years now, I was always using those needles and trying out the company's new offerings."

Some of those products include Stanton's STR8.150 turntables, the M.207 rugged two-channel mixer and the SCS.4DJ digital mixing station, all of which are part of Artie B.'s DJing arsenal.

"I absolutely love the STR8.150s. They're great to work with, as is the M.207 mixer, which I recently started using," he says. "I love that I can just use my finger for all of the effects. I'm really digging that, especially when I'm settling down from rehearsals and finally ready to focus in on the mixes. I love it."

Artie B. is also a big fan of the SCS.4DJ. One of the latest introductions from Stanton, the SCS.4DJ is a complete digital DJ station that is easy to use, lightweight and portable. Often employed by novices as an entry-level mixing station, the SCS.4DJ has quickly become a welcome addition to the equipment lineup of several pro DJs thanks to its professional capabilities and the fact that there's no need to hook it up to a laptop thanks to the device's USB ports.

"It's such a wonderful tool and I love everything about it," says Artie B. "I just took it with me on this last show because I didn't want to have two laptops on stage and this was perfect when I wanted to do something on the fly. I was able to go ahead and just use my music off my USB drive. The location of the SCS.4DJ's USB ports places everything right where I need them. Everything is right there and I like that it does everything without the need for a computer."

Stanton recently released a firmware update for the SCS.4DJ, which has improved Artie B.'s use as well.

"Now that I did the firmware update on it, I'm able to get more songs and analyze more songs and it loads pretty quickly," he says. "I definitely have been bragging about the SCS.4DJ with other DJs and now everybody wants one! It's so versatile too. It's great if you're doing a backyard BBQ, but I mean, I put it on stage in addition to my drum machines and everything else and I incorporate everything into the loop and it works so perfectly. That's my baby right there. I love it. I don't see any flaws."

Artie B. is busy managing multiple projects in between his DJing gigs. His 24/7 online radio show, RADIO with DeeJay Artie B. & Friends ( is soon to be airing on Sirius Satellite as well. In addition, he's been working on television and movie soundtracks, booming, MCing and music editing. He's often tapped to DJ celebrity parties and festivals such as the popular Red Bull Spring Break festival in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

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