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Arabian Prince
Arabian PrinceStanton Featured Artist

Rapper, DJ and hip-hop producer, Arabian Prince of Compton, CA, is best known for being an original member of the group N.W.A., and for his days amongst the likes of electro-rap legends Egyptian Lover and the World Class Wreckin Cru. In 2008, Stones Throw teamed up with Arabian Prince to re-release “Innovative Life”, a collection of Arabian’s electro-rap tracks from 1984-1989. Outside of his studio work, Arabian rocks local clubs and parties around the globe.

Arabian’s part in the evolution of music is undeniable. As one of the original members of a group that practically spawned the east-west coast rivalry in hip-hop, Arabian has worked with the biggest names in hip-hop. Having practically birthed “Gangsta Rap”, Arabian also had his hand in the electro-rap scene during the late 80’s, an overlooked genre of the time period. After 28 years of DJ’ing, Arabian Prince’s work is far from overlooked, and there is no doubt he knows his craft.

When it comes to gear, Arabian relies on his Stanton needles. He says, “I have been rocking Stanton needles exclusively for years, I travel a lot and do tons of gigs and these needles never fail me, indoors, out, heat, cold, sweat, they always track no matter if I am scratching, doing tricks or just rocking crowds.”

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