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DJ Lord / Public Enemy



DJ Lord

The STR8.150's are rock solid!...When I practice on 'em it feels like 2 tank wheels rollin'...Get out the way!

DJ Big Wiz

I love that there are Start/Stop buttons on 2 different sides of the platter and being able to adjust the pitch range, the break speed and having a reverse feature are great for me. Finally we have something as solid and reliable as a Technics 1200 with more and better features.

Looking for an opportunity to give Stanton's flagship turntable a spin?
Session live with other DJ's at Scratch DJ Academy LA on November 15, 2010 at 8:00 PM. The Stanton STR8.150 super high-torque, straight tone-arm turntable is the "new industry standard for the pro-grade turntable" as awarded at the 2010 DJ Awards in Ibiza, Spain.


8:00 PM November 15, 2010


Scratch DJ Academy Los Angeles

2324 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles.CA.90064




Come early to enjoy pizza, beer and test first-hand Stanton DJ's STR8.150 turntable supreme. In addition, all attendees will be entered to win a pair of STR8.150 Turntables courtesy of Stanton DJ ( and Scratch DJ Academy Los Angeles ( ).

For more information, contact Scratch DJ Academy at phone: 888-725-5557, email:


DL Awards "When handling the STR8-150 you can't help feeling like you are commanding a tank with all its high-tech military precision. The STR8-150 can probably be considered the single most stable turntable you will ever lay your hands on. The specifications of this dream-deck reads like a euphoric wish-list from a DJ. One has to pause for a moment and realize just how far the technology of the vinyl turntable has evolved over the last few decades."